Monuments of Fiction (2012 - ongoing)

First exhibited in West Space, Melbourne in January 2012

Next to the house of my grandparents in Ireland was a collection of stones that had been taken from the site of a nearby ruin. The ruin was formerly a mansion called Rockingham House, which was destroyed by fire in 1957. The assemblage, made into a chair, represented to me the only artistic gesture that my grandfather made on his farm. It was a composition of significant historical fragments to create a new form. In the spirit of my grandfather’s gesture I took fragments collected on and near the farm (in the form of objects, photographs, video and documents) prior to its sale to arrange as a composition. It tells the story of the farm’s landscape as a locus of mythology and other grand fictions.

Monuments of Fiction (2012 -), single channel video, narration, 18'14"

Oakwood (2012) single channel video, silent, 4'20" (looped)

Kitchen (2012) single channel video, 2'31" AND GRANDAD_FOR PRINT!!!.jpg 1.jpg copy.jpg